Rania Jamison is a dynamic public relations consultant and motivational speaker involved in creating powerful communications and community connections. A creative and energetic leader with the ability to communicate vision and inspire action, Rania has gained awards working in the education, government, health, non-profit and political sectors. Her work continues to have a lasting positive impact on transforming our community.

With over a decade of experience as a skillful organizer of high-profile campaigns, programs and events, Rania has a reputation for getting things done. From engaging and advising elected officials to organizing grassroots leaders, Rania is often behind the scene advocating policies and legislation for issues ranging from broadband access to clean energy. She has been involved in statewide and national public affairs campaigns for high profile national clients including AT&T, Eli Lilly and Pew Environment Group, the conservation arm of the $5 billion Pew Charitable Trusts. She recently served as the Public Involvement Coordinator of the Richland County Transportation Penny Program, organizing public meetings and special events to ensure citizens across the Richland County were informed, educated and engaged in the development of various transportation projects.

During 2010, Rania served as the voice for the South Carolina Census Campaign. Her work was instrumental in motivating South Carolina’s hardest-to-reach residents to participate in the census. As a result, South Carolina moved from 49th to 19th place in census participation leading South Carolina to gain national accolades for record improvement and an additional seat in the U.S. Congress.

Rania has been a part of transforming the South Carolina political landscape by serving as a key strategist on local and statewide campaigns including the Vote For Our Libraries Campaign; which has revolutionized the libraries across Richland County. While in college at the University of South Carolina, Rania led a communications effort advocating for Riverbanks Zoo to adopt a smoke-free policy, which remains in effect today.

Rania is a passionate advocate for youth and young adults and has had a direct impact on the college and career plans of over 20,000 high school and college students throughout the southeast as a top-ranked speaker for the Monster.com. She strives to make South Carolina a great place to call home by staying active in the community and linking others to their passions. Although she has a lengthy resume, Rania’s most important and rewarding role is being wife to her husband, Theron and mommy to her sons, Lynard and Blaize.